Feeling Overwhelmed and Anxious?

I Feel Overwhelmed By Anxiety

overwhelmedAnxiety is stealing all the enjoyment our of your life and your feel overwhelmed and out of control.

Feeling restless and keyed up or on edge. You feel tense all over and often are so tense in your neck and shoulders that your back feels like a rock and you wonder why you feel so tired all the time. Sometimes you feel disconnected from everyone and everything. Things just don’t seem real.

My Mind Races

mind racesDuring the day, your thoughts race from one thing to the next and you find yourself worrying and obsessing about anything and everything. You worry about things that could happen to you or those you love. Things feel out of your control and you anticipate that bad things are going to happen or that they just won’t work out. You struggle at work because you feel confused, fuzzy or just can’t seem to think straight. Completing tasks feels impossible because you can’t focus or concentrate..

I Can’t Sleep

You have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.

When you finally fall asleep exhausted by racing thoughts and feeling like you just can’t turn your mind off, you may wake  up frequently during the night, not knowing what woke you. When you are asleep you may experience disturbing dream or just toss and turn restlessly all night long. You wake up feeling fatigued and irritable.

My Stomach Hurts

stomach hurtsSometimes your have stomach pain, upset stomach or nauseated. Your stomach reacts to your worry and anxiety and you just want that feeling in the pit of your stomach to go away.

I Never Know When I’ll Have A Panic Attack

panic attackYou have panic attacks for what seems like no reason at all. It feels like you are having a heart attack or dying. Chest pain, you feel like you can’t breath or are choking, tremble and shake, your heart pounds and you can’t catch your breath. Your fingers, arms or feet tingle or are numb, and you have chills or hot flushes. You feel like you might pass out, maybe even have and then you worry about having that happen in public. You’ve probably been to the ER at least once and maybe many times and had testing done only to be send home with statements like, “It’s just anxiety”.

Types of Anxiety

We all experience anxiety differently. One person’s symptoms aren’t exactly like another’s. There are different sources and triggers for anxiety and different types that capture specific clusters of them. Here are descriptions of Specific Types of Anxiety Disorders…

Social Anxiety

OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Generalized Anxiety Disorder

 Types of Anxiety Panic Disorder



Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

How We Can Help You Eliminate Symptoms and Start Feeling Greater Joy and Well-Being

Everyone experiences anxiety in their own way. Each one has it’s own challenges and requires a customized set of strategies, skills and tools to deal with it effectively. We can help you identify the type of anxiety you are dealing with and offer you the insights and appropriate tools to address your specific needs.

Learn to identify thoughts, feelings and behaviors that create barriers to improving how you experience life and how to resolve those barriers.

Develop a tool box to help you more skillfully deal with the challenges of anxiety or depression, move forward and feel more in control of your emotional wellness.  You can improve your emotional, psychological and physical health. We offer this in a safe and confidential place for you to talk about your symptoms, thoughts, feelings, fears and concerns, knowing that what you share with us will be handled with the respect and confidentiality you expect, so that you can achieve a greater degree of joy, hope and well-being in your life.