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Find Direction with Strategies For Life, LLC.Increase Your Life Satisfaction: Feel Healthy, Grounded and In Control of Your Life Path

Resolve Relationship Challenges: Be More Connected to the People in Your life

Transition Through Life Changes Skillfully: Learn How to Handle the puddles and potholes life sends your way

Deal with Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swings: Learn strategies for coping with and getting off emotional roller coasters

Grief, Bereavement, and Loss: Stop hurting. Move through major life losses with acceptance and understanding of sorrow while becoming engaged in your life again.

Find resolution to LGBTQ Concerns: Sexual or Gender Identity, Coming Out: Youth & Later Life, Transgender Concerns, Rural Cultural Conflicts, Emotional Conflicts.

Strategies For Life Counseling utilizes Evidence based research, therapies, and interventions. These interventions are proven effective in providing the help you are looking for to heal or to grow. We utilize Cognitive Behavior Therapies integrated with Talk Therapies and Mindfulness to form the cornerstone of helping resolve emotional disturbance, teach skills and strategies and improve your sense of mental well being.

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Regarding Covid 19

I hope you are well. I will be offering therapy as telehealth aka distance counseling via video and telephone, for at least the next 2 weeks. We won’t be offering in office sessions. I hold the BC-TMH certification for providing services via these services during this uncertain time. I understand that many people are anxious and worried and want someone to talk. Whether is for a few sessions to manage anxiety or for more in-depth services, we are still here to help.
I use the Zoom platform, a free secure application that you can use on your laptop or phone. You can download it here: https://zoom.us/download
Below are the general precautions being recommended by the CDC:
 I’m sure you have already heard these, but just in case, here we go.
1. Stay home if you are sick with a respiratory illness like cold or flu.
2. Thoroughly wash your hands for 20 seconds (two verses of Happy Birthday) and scrub all areas with soap and water. 
     If you can’t wash your hands, use hand sanitizer. Moisturize dry hands..
3. Avoid touching your face. (this is very difficult)
4. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue and dispose of it immediately. If you don’t have a tissue, sneeze into your elbow.
5. Disinfect commonly touched surfaces. 
6. Maintain social distancing – Stay at least 3 feet away from anyone who is coughing or sneezing.
7.. If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, call your doctor. 
8. If you think you have the coronavirus, call your doctor or the local health department before going to the ER. 
9. Don’t panic, take precautions.
Coronavirus: 80% of people will have mild symptoms. Estimates indicate only 10% need hospital care. 
Those most at risk are the elderly and those with other health conditions, especially respiratory illness.
Stay healthy. 
See you soon


Find Help with Strategies For Life, LLCService types fall into several major categories: Each area addresses different needs and goals. These services may however overlap in content areas. For instance, if a client comes in and their concern is their relationship with someone else, then services may start with addressing individual challenges and move to family or couples sessions that address relationship issues between you and the other person, when appropriate and desired.

Individual:  to address issues interfering with your ability to feel happy and fulfilled in all areas of your life. Some areas that we specialize in are anxiety, depression, mood swings, codependent behaviors, substance abuse recovery,  stress managementPTSD, trauma history, grief, loss, bereavement and recapturing and redefining your life after a major life change.

Couples/Marital/Relationship: Couples sometimes need assistance with resolving conflict, improving communication, reconnecting with each other. The areas that create the most frequent conflict are money, sex, infidelity and parenting. When necessary, the couple may seek assistance with decisions about how to leave a relationship in a way that takes care of the individuals emotionally and seeks to mediate disagreements.

Family: Families often find themselves at crossroads with issues that cause conflict, friction and emotional distress. Some issues that family therapy addresses include improving communication, limits & boundaries, clear expectations, family roles, and learning fair ways to resolve conflicts that arise.

Group: Group services address a specific concern like substance abuse recovery, codependent behaviors and LGBTQ support. If you are seeking support, information and resolution of challenges in these specific areas, then group may benefit you. Visit the Groups page to find out more about the groups currently offered and to learn how to become part of a group.


LGBTQ counselorStrategies For Life is an affirming counseling center. Therapists are LGBTQ Competency certified to address the specific needs and concerns of those seeking assistance with resolving concerns around LGBTQ including sexuality and sexual identity, gender identity, dysphoria, relationship issues, coming out in rural Georgia, coming out later in life, anxiety, depression and emotional distress. We are lifetime members of the LGBTQ Therapist Resource and the only certified affirming counselors in the Cartersville area.

Employee Assistance Program or EAP

imgHomepageDiagramEAP Services are for those who are experiencing difficulties that are interfering with their ability to work and be productive, who desire skill building to improve workplace  relationships and performance or who are wrestling with personal challenges that have become overwhelming. EAP services are provided through your employer by their contracted EAP provider. These services are generally free to you, and the number of sessions is determined by the case manager for your case. We will see you for those sessions, help you assess your needs, address and resolve your issue if possible and if not create recommendations for ongoing services or referral for other resources. Following the initial free sessions, we will continue to provide services, if appropriate and discuss payment options like using your insurance or private pay and whether a sliding scale is available to you based on income.


imgWorkersLife can feel difficult to manage when you are struggling with the effects of trauma. Trauma can come from wartime experiences, but it is also comes from a history of abuse, sexual abuse, work injuries, accidents and other life events. What they all share are symptoms that you can’t seem to shake no matter what you try. If you are struggling with your own trauma and need assistance with resolving the symptoms and perhaps some of the thing you have tried to make the symptoms go away, we can help.We understand the causes of and effective treatments for trauma aka PTSD symptoms. We know it can be difficult to put the pieces back together after a or trauma. We understand that you are working to recover physically and mentally. You may be experiencing depression or anxiety, in addition to ce/extreme awareness of your environment, social anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, dissociation, problems with your relationships and may be using alcohol or other substances or engaging in high risk behaviors to medicate your symptoms and need help learning to cope with managing relationships, eliminating symptoms and the substances to medicate them, letting go of fear and anger, and living life with a sense of connection, growth and fulfillment.

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