Learn how employing mindfulness in your life can impact your life. Mindfulness exercises allow you to be able to identify, tolerate and reduce difficult, painful and even frightening thoughts, feelings and sensations. Mindfulness gives you back a sense of mastery over thoughts and feelings. Rather than having the sense that you are being pushed around by your thoughts and feelings, you can learn to feel in control again.

Mindfulness is as simple as becoming of aware of your here and now experience, both internally and in the external world around you. It give you a space to be in the present moment and provide a safe place to deal with distressing or painful memories of things that may have happening to you in the past. It allows you to look at and plan for the future, even though you may be experiencing fearful thoughts about what hasn’t happened yet because you are safe in the present moment. In fact, we are never NOT in the present moment – we just loose track of that fact.