Group counseling sessions offer an opportunity for you to meet others who have similar experiences and who also want to pursue personal growth. Group counseling is a very effective way to learn about yourself and how others see you. In the supportive atmosphere of the group, you also may experiment with new, more rewarding ways of relating to people. Typically, we offer the following groups on a rotational basis. To participate in groups, clients are required to complete the initial intake for services to be assessed for appropriateness for admission to the group. Groups are kept small and intimate and have a maximum of 8 members. We also offer some groups in a telehealth format on a platform similar to Skype for those living in rural or distant areas, making transportation an obstacle to participation.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching – this group offers, support, guidance and education to management and executive professionals on improving their people or soft skills to assist them in being more effective leaders.

Civility Training – this group is offered specifically to professionals are actively struggling with workplace behaviors like bullying, negative conflict styles, and other forms of behavior that cause dysfunction, fear and lack of an ability to work together in the workplace.

Anger management – for those struggling with anger outbursts and the consequence sin their personal and professional lives. If you experience behaviors like yelling, name calling, demeaning and devaluing others, destruction of property, throwing things, threats, intimidation, aggression toward others and physically violence outbursts toward others. This group can help you learn to cope with the thoughts and feelings that prompt these behaviors, learn coping skills and identify any underlying issues that need to be resolved to move forward with a healthier more peaceful life.

Anxiety – this group is offered to support those with struggling with anxiety and interacting with others. The group teaches effective coping skills, relaxation techniques, managing thoughts and feelings.

Transgender Transitioning Process – We offer both transfeminine and transmasculine support groups. These groups provide support for teens and adults who have chosen to transition. The group offered guidance on providers, discusses personal and relationship challenges, discusses dysphoria, social challenges and all other aspects of the transition process.  Offered in a live and telehealth format.

Coming Out – this group is designed for adults struggling with coming out. Many adults in rural environments still struggle with accepting themselves and live closeted lives pretending to be someone they aren’t because of fear of rejection, harm and loss of livelihood in rural areas. This group offers support and allows a space to be yourself while trying to make important decisions about what works for you in living your life. Offered in a live and telehealth format.

Our groups are provided to allow individuals to learn, find support and connect with others who are dealing with the same issues and challenges they are. They are positive and closed to assure privacy.

Please call us for the most up to date schedule of groups that we currently offer.